Terms of Use

Terms of use


* Note that if you choose to customize your Plann, we will need 3 business days for customization. After the customization we will send the shipment and your Plann will take the period stipulated by the type of freight chosen at the time of purchase.


The central issue lies in the efficiency to remove from the privacy and privacy of the citizen act arising from possible violation.

Plann To Go counts mainly on the most rigid norms of Brazilian legislation, whose main objective is to guarantee and safeguard the privacy of customers, eliminating risks arising from possible violation. In this step, obviously, also to the people who visit us.

It is also worth remembering that the 1988 Federal Constitution guarantees its inviolability, following the international orientation, in article 5, item X, establishing that "privacy, privacy, honor and the image of the people are inviolable.

It should be emphasized that the right to preservation, therefore, prohibits the disclosure of information of particular scope. There are also legal rules that prohibit the disclosure of data of a confidential nature of the company.

Particularly, all information we request or even when spontaneously completes your registration, is only intended to ensure accurately the personal data provided, which are used for management purposes to the customer.

It is hoped that both individuals and corporations may only use such data because they are subject to the Laws in compliance with the strict rules regarding the privacy principles enshrined in the Federal Constitution of Brazil.

Thus, embodied in these rigid norms and respect to the individual privacy of the customer of Plann To Go, in opportune moments it is used for marketing purposes and Databank however, interacting under inviolability of the privacy obliging itself to the study of analysis, case by case.

In fact, it is evident that the privacy of the Brazilian citizen and company is protected by legal protection capable of guaranteeing the inviolability of restricted information, providing for the same legal system, sanctions and judicial measures that impede and remedy harmful practices. However, in certain aspects we may find some difficulty in interpreting, especially in terms of new technologies.

Thus, the Brazilian legislation in force on the subject, consists of generic norms, implying a different interpretation, different from what is found in specific provisions of other countries.


I- With regard to the CLIENT DATA and,

in order to implement the services developed in the data processing, we may make use of these, when we then offer with total responsibility and confidence to the outsourced providers that exclusively aim to perform our activities when in marketing, e-mail, customer satisfaction and when in data processing. Hence the reason of the importance in the preservation of their personal data ostensibly eliminating, consequence that aim to avoid risks arising from possible compromising violation.



By ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, we produce quality products with respect to the distinguished preference of our Plann To Go Company.

Nonetheless, in view of the reality that permeates personal preference from person to person, we have created the exchange and return policy based on and based on the evidentiary / legal acquis, under the auspices of the Consumer Defense Code.

As a result, an exchange and return request must be communicated to our Customer Service Center, through the email: atendimento@planntogo.com for greater agility and safety, it is important to include the following data:

-Full name


-Change / return return

-The product returned without previous communication, with absence of items that identify it, without the invoice or after the term of Law, will be returned without prior consultation and costs of the resend, supported by the client.

Still, by the way it should be noted:

-confirm each product / merchandise at the time of delivery by the carrier;

-Receive receipt, the packaging is open or damaged,

apparent product and / or in disagreement with the request;

-The site's photos are of the actual product. Features and details can be changed depending on the configuration of each computer, such as color and size. We are not responsible for these possible differences.

-The term for exchange of products purchased by the site is up to 07 (seven) business days from the date of delivery / receipt.


Plann To Go reserves the right to charge the costs of withdrawing the product at the customer's residence.

All products received by Plann To Go are analyzed for the defect reported by the customer and will be returned if there is no defect or non-compliance with the conditions.


-Exchanges can only be faith

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