Product description

Plann To Go is a wonderful life planner where you will find all the ways to help you chart the future of your dreams, keep you focused on the most important tasks, and fulfill each goal with enthusiasm, passion and gratitude. The action plan will outline and delineate the path to your dreams, just like your new habits, social actions, or trips. Monthly planning will remind you that there are always words of gratitude for what you have already achieved and as a result it will excite you and bring energy and focus to your new achievements. The route to your dreams is many times dynamic, Plann to go was made so you have a guide through these twisted paths.



Plann to Go comes with a hardcover in percalux, rounded corners, elastic, bookmark, and pocket. This planner has the core printed on 80gr paper, an alkaline paper with a yellowish tint, more sophisticated and presenting less light, with a pleasant reading.

Sizes 14 x 21 cm.

96 sheets



Undated Plann To Go


The planner comes undated, so you can get it started today, next week, or next year. As a result of that, every month composed of 5 weeks, so it can be used for every month of the year.



Plann To Go merged the weekly and the daily layout so you can merge a whole week, strategically distributing the bulbs on the weekdays. And thus, more attention is aimed at the most important tasks, outlining an effective path for goals to be achieved, step by step without stress.

As inspirational and motivational phrases, positively to bold actions.



The Urgencies and Priorities list aids you throughout your work without letting you lose your focus, helping you with your urgent activities and giving you space to solve problems that develop and must be resolved.

Personal life and professional life, because we have space so that you do not forget to take care of yourself and your needs. As a whole insight and great ideas can be created, leaving a blank so that each idea is annotated and not isolated.


Attention !!

Plann To Go Undated does not have any data or data marked, you are to decide on dates to be filled.



    *All Pre-Order item will be shipped June 2020.

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